Recent SIUC FA Union contract preserves tenure-line positions

Concerned about reductions in tenure-line faculty positions? Increased enrollment at SIU Edwardsville and changes in the school’s General Education requirements may incline the administration to increase their use of adjunct instructors. More teaching personnel are needed and two or more adjuncts instructors can be had for the price of one tenure-track faculty person. At such times, tenure-track lines become vulnerable. At SIU Carbondale, the faculty union addressed the attrition of tenure-track lines in their contract. According to the terms of their negotiated agreement the SIUC campus must maintain “a target number of Faculty [which] shall be determined by dividing the number of full-time equivalent students by 26.” The SIUC contract goes on to say:

. . . (C)ommencing on October 1, 2003, and on each October 1 thereafter during the term of (this contract), if the number of Faculty is less than one for every twenty-six (FTE) students, the Board shall initiate good faith searches to hire prior to August 15 of the following fiscal year the number of additional (tenure-line) Faculty necessary to achieve the 26:1 ratio described above. (p. 24, under ‘2002-2006 contract’ link at