1. Strength in Numbers

  • The more members we have when bargaining begins, the greater our strength at the table.

  • But join now, because when a majority of ISU faculty do so, the state labor will certify us as bargaining representative.  (Note: a vote will be unnecessary since we will file what is termed a majority interest petition).

  • Dues will not collected until after our state labor board certification, and then after bargaining actually begins.

  • Joining now helps at the state level, where you will add your voice to efforts to hold Springfield accountable.

2. Specific Benefits & Services: 

3. Member Benefits

  • there are numerous personal benefits of membership (in addition to professional services for your local, and assistance & protections for job-related concerns):

Contact IEA Organizer David Vitoff to join, or to get supportive colleagues to also do so: or 618/972-5850