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Confidential Card for Labor Board  and Membership Form

Download both forms, fill out and arrange return or pick up with ISU FA Campaign Co-Chairs Stacy Otto: eudorawelty5@gmail.com  or Andrew Hartman: andrewghartman@gmail.com; or IEA Organizer David Vitoff: dave.vitoff@ieanea.org

Recent Campaign Communications 

Faculty Unions and the Academy

ISU Faculty ‘Open Letter’ Questions Spending & Educational Priorities

Senate & Union: not Mutually Exclusive

The Process of Organizing an ISU Faculty Union

Sample ‘Union Certification & Bargaining Timeline’  

 Local Governance & Resources

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IEA Higher Education members join IEA leaders and K-12 members in Springfield to protest pension ‘reform.’ The State Supreme Court declared the law, with its diminished pension benefits, wholly unconstitutional.

IEA Higher Education members with other IEA member lobbyists at Lobby Day

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SIUE FA Website

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SIUC Faculty Association Contract FY 2017-2018

SIUC Faculty Association Contract FY 2011-2014

SIUC Faculty Association Contract FY 2007-2010

SIUC FA Contract FY 2007-2010 Highlights

SIUC FA website

SIUE ‘Faculty Advocate’ (on SIUC gains)